Matt from Dream English shares tips for teaching young children English.

Songs can be used in many fun ways in English class (ESL, EFL). I love music, so I make it a centerpiece of my classes. For me, the more songs the better. Here we go! Visit to listen to and download the songs talked about in this podcast. Also search for Dream English Kids on Spotify! Thanks for listening!

In this new series I will talk you through a lesson that I taught to young learners.
Today’s lesson is a preschool lesson students age 5-6, 30 minutes once a week class.
Below are the links to the materials I talked about in the lesson:

Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes Song
I Like Apples Book
I Like Apples Song
Goodbye Song

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In this podcast I talk about simple ideas on how to teach children to say My name is (student name) in English. Using a technique I call modeling. I hope this is helpful! You can watch this video on my Teach English Plus YouTube Channel:

I use Total Physical Response (TPR) often in my classes, and I'm sure many other language teachers do as well. I talk about my understanding of the TPR method created by Dr. James J. Asher. I highly recommend his book Learning Language Through Actions.

Hi! Today I talk about a simple lesson plan to use during the Halloween teaching season. I talk about songs, books, flashcards, and more. Check out this blog post for links to the songs and materials I talk about in this episode:

Be sure to check out Dream English Kids on Spotify and Apple Music!

I talk about my Top 5 Tips for Creating Materials for Children's English Class (ESL, EFL). I have been creating songs, videos, and worksheets for Dream English for years, and I share my advice on how to get started, or improve upon what you are already doing. I also talk about the new Dream English Kids Patreon page. You can now support Dream English and get exclusive content for members. Read more here: Thanks for listening!

In this episode I talk about the new Sing, Draw, and Write #3: Vehicles video. I talk about how to teach the song by pre-teaching the vocabulary, and ideas to get your students drawing and writing in English! This podcast is brought to you by the Dream English Kids YouTube Channel.

In this episode I talk about my top ten ideas for teaching Food in the young English learner's classroom (ESL, EFL). I talk about introducing food vocabulary, songs, crafts, and more! I hope you find these tips useful. Check out this page for some Free song downloads to get you started singing about food in your classes:

In this episode I talk about my Top Five ideas for teaching numbers and counting in children's English class. We cover using flashcards, songs, games and more ideas. Visit the original blog post here to find the links to the Numbers Songs downloads I talk about in the podcast: Happy Teaching! - Matt

In today's podcast I talk about a simple lesson plan for your Christmas classes. I use games, songs, actions, books, and more to teach a Christmas lesson. Check out the Dream English Teaching Tips Blog for links to the downloads I mentioned in this podcast:

Here is the basic lesson plan I discuss in detail in the podcast.

  1. Warm Up With Actions
  2. Song Time
  3. Practice Counting Numbers
  4. Song Time
  5. Christmas Vocabulary Practice
  6. Game
  7. Book Time
  8. ABC Practice
  9. Review Time
  10. Goodbye Song

These are my ideas to get you started. Feel free to add, expand and make this into the best lesson for your students. Keep it fun and relaxed! Merry Christmas! For more Christmas resources, click here.

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